Obama Nose Job Cover Up – Secrets Uncovered

Exhibit 1: Obama nose comparison, 2006 and 1990

It’s becoming increasingly clear, just days before Barack Obama’s bid for re-election, that America still doesn’t know much about the man who has lived in the White House for the last four years.

In the aftermath of Donald Trump’s challenge to Obama to release his college and passport records in exchange for a $5 million donation to Obama’s charities, here’s another secret from Obama’s life of mystery and make-believe.

Filmmaker Joel Gilbert contends President Obama has altered his facial profile for the national stage of American politics, citing two nationally known cosmetic surgery experts he consulted who concluded Obama had a “nose job.”

“It appears Obama had some aesthetic refinement,” said plastic surgeon J. David Holcolm.

Gilbert is the producer of “Dreams from My Real Father,” a documentary distributed by the millions to swing states that argues the late Communist Party USA activist Frank Marshall Davis was Obama’s biological as well as ideological father, not Barack Obama, the Kenyan, who came to Hawaii as a student in 1959.

“Obama has gone to great lengths to obscure his past,” Gilbert said. “Now, in addition to the alleged document forgery and photographic forgery by Obama to hide his true identity, we now have evidence of facial forgery.”

Holcolm described in detail his reasons for concluding Obama has had cosmetic surgery.

“The upper and middle nasal vault are both narrowed. The tip and infra-tip are softer and the tip has been rotated up,” he said. “Alar height appears to have been reduced so the lower part of the nose that makes up the nostrils appears softer.

“These changes are not characteristic of the natural aging process,” Holcolm said, “where the tip tends to settle and rotate downward causing the appearance of a longer nose and where the tip also often widens noticeably.”

Wendy Lewis, a cosmetic surgery consultant and author of 11 consumer health and beauty books, including “America’s Cosmetic Doctors & Dentists” and “Plastic Makes Perfect,” agrees.

“In the three younger photographs, Obama appears to have a bulbous nasal tip with wide alar bases, not uncommon with males and with skin of color,” Lewis said. “The more current photos show a thinner nasal tip which suggests some finessing of his nose over the years, but it is a very natural-looking effect.”

Exhibit 2: Obama nose comparison, 1990 and 2010

As WND reported, Gilbert mailed 2.7 million DVD copies of “Dreams from My Real Father” to households in Florida, Colorado and Iowa in early October. He previously sent 1.4 million DVDs to households in Ohio, Nevada, and New Hampshire.

“Dreams from My Real Father” is currently the No. 1-selling documentary on Amazon.com and is also available on Netflix streaming.

On the film’s website, Gilbert shows three comparison photographs, seen here as Exhibits 1 through 3, that first led him to suspect Obama had undergone rhinoplasty to change his appearance.

Gilbert suspects Obama had the surgery because he was “concerned he was looking too much like Frank Marshall Davis as he got older.”

“I don’t think it was a coincidence that Obama chose to undergo a rhinoplasty before running for U.S. Senate and facing the national spotlight,” Gilbert said. “If Obama was identified as Davis’ son, it would connect the Marxist dots of Obama’s entire life journey.”

Gilbert said Obama “needed the Kenyan father fairy tale to misdirect the public away from the fact that he is a red diaper baby, the child of a Communist Party USA propagandist and Soviet agent.”

Gilbert told WND he’s received hundreds of emails people who have received a copy of his documentary in the mail, and the main message is “good folks don’t like it when they’ve been lied to.”

Alex T. from Ohio echoed another common theme: “Your film frightened me for myself, my family and my country. When will the ignorant people realize this man is a fake and is out to destroy our Constitution and way of life?”

“The nose job may not be a bombshell story in itself,” says Joseph Farah, editor of WND. “But it’s just one more piece of evidence amid what has become a mountain range of evidence that Obama is something other than what he has pretended to be. For too long, the Obama-friendly press has systematically withheld the truth about their man and even deliberately hidden and obscured it.”


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