NYT Editors Aim at the Wrong Target

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
NYT Editors Aim at the Wrong Target

by Stephen Lendman

Its editors accused Trump and Hillary of continuing to "wag(e) last year's campaign," claiming they're "undermining their promises to help America heal."

Calling Trump "more than a little pathetic" because he "has a nation to run," they accused him of "hack(ing) away at (Hillary), and rhapsodiz(ing) about his campaign," adding:

"Nothing in recent history can match the sorry spectacle of a sitting president so desperate for adoration and so indifferent to actual governing that the only satisfaction he can get is from perpetuating the campaign."

Hyperbole, disinformation, fake news, and Trump bashing for the wrong reasons reflect deplorable Times reporting and commentaries.

Forgotten is outrageous Obama demagoguery, serial lying and broken promises – along with war on humanity at home and abroad, Trump continuing his destruct
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