When your computer goes haywire, you reboot it. What happens when the world goes haywire? Where’s the reboot button? Isn’t it possible to return everything to its pristine condition? Isn’t there a mechanism for restoring the Garden of Eden, for bringing back the Golden Age of Saturn? If we can’t reset the world, doesn’t it point to a fundamental design flaw?

If a natural reboot button doesn’t exist, can’t we create one using our human reason? How would we put right all of the mistakes of the past, the myriad errors committed by those who preceded us? Even now, most people are mired in the darkness of superstition, faith and ignorance.

Most individuals have no reboot button. Once their identity is set, they never change their beliefs or ways of doing things. How many Orthodox Jews, Christian Fundamentalists or Muslims are capable of rebooting their beliefs? They are brainwashed and the purpose of brainwashing is to exclude the possibility of other choices.

Societies, institutions, companies, banks, religions, political systems … none of them have reboot buttons. Violent revolution, bankruptcy and collapse are the only ways to reboot things that are failing disastrously. Hardly rational and efficient. It needn’t be like this.

We can and must create a system that allows new generations to be released from the mistakes made by our ancestors. We can rocket-boost human evolution towards divinity if we know how to free the collective human mind of the junk and nonsense that has accumulated since the dawn of time.

In this book, the Pythagorean Illuminati reveal their astonishing blueprint for a New World Order that resets everything that has gone wrong with this world of ours.

The material is extremely radical and will be offensive to Abrahamists, anarcho-capitalist libertarians, Ayn Randists, Wall Streeters, Republicans and mindless liberal democrats. Do not read our material if you belong to any of those categories or you are a freeloader. We seek only free thinkers who have managed to resist the brainwashing machinery of the OWO.

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