NSA Should Now Mean ‘Now Saving Ass’ Because the Government is Paranoid of the American People

One thing the government has not leaned. They cannot save their face and ass at the same time.  After decades of lying to the people about  why we went to war or been told to give up our own rights does not work anymore. The internet gave birth to the rise of citizen Journalism. The government has been desperate to try to silence and shut down free speech. They are desperate to hold onto power using anything to save their own ass at all cost.

The government now is trying to send out a chilling effect saying we collect all emails. They monitor phone calls. They have certain keywords that flags communications for analysis. They are saying they need no search warrant from a judge or the Bill of Rights do not apply. The truth is the NSA does not have the manpower and time to go through all the data. Still they want to scare people to not speak out against the tyranny.

We have a paranoid government that know the people are waking up. I believe people are tired of feeling scared and now turned to anger. The people realized the NSA has not stopped one terrorist attack like the TSA never arrested one terrorist. Instead of keeping an eye on real threats of real national security. They are listening to average American people conversations dissenting against Government policy.

The NSA should not be called the National Security Agency. It should be called ” Now Saving Ass”. The movie” Enemy of the State” with Will Smith And Gene Hackman was based on political people and bureaucrats using the resources of the NSA to save their own ass because they got caught committing a crime.Now we have a political establishment knowing the have been found out. So now they try to use the fear tactics to send a chilling effect saying the NSA spies on everything. Well this does not scare me at all. Why because the NSA is not about national security. The NSA should now be called” Now Saving Ass” Because the people are now the threat to their power and not some external threat. Do you agree the NSA should be changed from the National Security Agency to” Now Saving Ass?

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