NSA and Jewish Bankers: Two Zionist Monsters

By Jonas E. Alexis
Veterans Today

Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian has conducted an interview with the Israeli newspaper Haaretzduring which he declared that

“The cardinal point is that part of the goal of the NSA is to completely eliminate privacy everywhere in the world. Its goal is to make every piece of human communication that is done by electronic means vulnerable to monitoring and surveillance − to collect, store and analyze every message transmitted by people via the telephone or the Internet.

“All the specific revelations are only examples of this: the fact that they collected the telephone records of all American citizens, that they detail every phone call made by every American citizen; the Prism and XKeyscore programs, which show how they can collect billions of pieces of communication every day and store and analyze the things you say, who you say them to, which websites you visit and so on.

Those are the means. The essence is the vast, sealed system of surveillance which is conducted in absolute secrecy.”[1]

Of course, the obvious question the inquiring mind would ask is this: “What’s the problem with that?” Greenwald responded,

“If those with power are capable of monitoring everything we do or say, that means we are very limited in what we can do or say against them. That’s the reason that every tyranny has always used surveillance as a tool to preserve its power.

“The second problem is that it’s a tool of intimidation. If the population knows that it is always being watched, people will have far less motivation to act, because they will feel vulnerable and threatened. The result is a kind of political paralysis among the public.

“The third and perhaps most important thing is that human behavior changes very fundamentally when there is no private space. People who know they are being observed behave in a manner that is far more restrained, narrow and fossilized. They become a lot less free, a lot less willing to test boundaries.

“Supervision and surveillance encourage conformity in people and eliminate something very essential in the human experience, in human nature: the freedom to do things when we know that no one is looking.

“The history of almost every country that exercises surveillance of its citizens is one of extreme abuse of that power. There is no consolation in the thought that the government promises to use that power exclusively against terrorists. Its use is almost always against political dissidents or against people who constitute a threat or challenge to the power apparatus. [2]

We have seen in previous articles that the Israeli regime is one of the political forces behind the NSA. Edward Snowden indeed found himself drowning in the Zionist river of time but somehow swam against the currents and found a way out.

According to Snowden, people are floating in the Zionist river at their own perils. The end of that Zionist river is the end of American privacy. The end of that river is the end of privacy in virtually the entire world. Now Snowden is warning those who are still consciously or unconsciously floating in that river.


Source: http://www.veteranstoday.com/2013/10/03/nsa-and-jewish-bankers-two-zionist-monsters/

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