Now That Trump Has Declared A National Emergency, Here Is What Happens Next

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News Story Source:, By Tyler Durden
Now that President Trump has officially declared his plans to declare a national emergency to authorize an additional $7 billion for his promised border wall, political observers will be waiting to see what Democrats and Republicans in Congress do next to try and block the funding. Democrats in both the House and the Senate unanimously oppose the national emergency measure, and what's probably more surprising, a number of Senate Republicans have also expressed concerns with the plan.

So, what – if anything – can be done to stop this executive action by the president?

The New York Times has offered a brief guide to what will likely happen next, considering that several House Democrats (including Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) have already declared their plans to try and stop the president.

The upshot is that Congressional Democrats have two avenues that they can pursue: One in Congress, and one in the courts.

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