North, South Korea Set April 27 As Date For Historic Summit

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The date for the first meeting between a North Korean and South Korean leader in a decade has been set for April 27, South Korean officials told US media. For the first time since the Korean War broke out in 1948, a North Korean leader will cross the DMZ to attend the meetings, which are set to be held in South Korea.

After Kim Jong Un promised that he would consider denuclearization of the peninsula during talks with Chinese President Xi Jinping this week, it appears that the multiple rounds of sanctions imposed by the UN and the US are having their desired effect.

According to Bloomberg, the last inter-Korean summit was held in October 2007 between then President Roh Moo-hyun and Kim Jong Il, the father of Kim Jong Un. The pair signed a peace declaration calling to end the armistice with a permanent treaty, but progress stalled and the two sides remain in a stalemate. While the two countries allowed for some family reunions, relations later soured under a more conservative admi
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