North Korea’s Concern for Self-Defense

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
North Korea's Concern for Self-Defense

by Stephen Lendman

North Korea's geopolitical policies and America's are world's apart. Pyongyang never attacked another country, threatens none now.

America wages permanent wars, raping and destroying one nation after another, threatening all sovereign independent countries with regime change. 

Its agenda is humanity's greatest threat. The DPRK has just cause for concern about another US launched devastating war on the Korean peninsula.

Its nuclear and ballistic missile programs are for defense, not offense, deterrents to possible US aggression. Without them, the survival of the state is jeopardized.

If Washington recognized its government, normalized relations, and ended decades of hostility, Pyongyang would have no need for powerful weapons.

Instead, US policymakers since the Truman era have been confrontational with Pyongyang. Hawkish Trump administration generals risk p
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