O.K.  I really enjoyed meeting about 500 CIA Agents over the past two weeks.  I enjoyed the mind control and the over all genius of what the Anglo Establishment can do but in my defense, the orders to go after B.P. came directly from the US Government, CIA and Obama Admin. 

While I also wanted to after Halliburton, Transocean and even Russia had a hand in the BP Gulf Oil Disaster, the CIA cue that I received; was to go after BP.  Now, the CIA knows that I am like a scud missile, once I start I do not stop unless other wise directed to stop and change course.

I received a direct order from the British Government to go after China because after failed attempts in Peru and Africa the British wanted to blow up Egypt to be allowed into Africa.(yes the Brits said they would blow up Egypt)  So, after Prince William set up his endangered species organization, I went after China and their greedy land grabs in Africa.  As soon as I did this, the British Bankers and finance people along with Canada went to china and not only apologized but also handed over British Companies (British Cabs)to China.  Once again, no good deed goes unpunished.

The FBI said they did not know how China was getting America’s nuke secrets and asked for help but has it ever occurred to the FBI that ever since Bush Sr and Clinton/Gore that the elites have been giving Chinese spies immunity and allowing them to steal tech military secrets for the past 30 years?

The Austrailian CIA Agents (all beautiful and strong people) should take some responsibility for the so called “RISE OF CHINA”.  After all, it was their red haired female Prime Minister that uttered “ITS THE RISE OF CHINA” every time that I read or saw her on tv.  Why weren’t these same CIA Agents lining up to bitch at their own kooky politicians, like they did with me over the past two week s? Do not preach to me about China or Singapore when Australia led the dam pack in countries doing propaganda for China!  It w to China.  But with Australia’s track record, I now that the Anglo Coup to man handle that large gas field from Israel over to Australia is a con job.  As usual, Australia will develop it but then turn it over to Asia because his is what Australia does time and time again.

Of course ISIS is a threat to the West and entre world.  Of course we need a global invasion but ISIS was formed because the Shia and Iran slaughtered the Sunni Muslims with US and UK military help. I figured that the U.S. and UK would have to re-invade Iraq because they have interest in the country; but the main objective of ISIS was to get Iran Genocide of Sunnis under control.  Now there appears to be some “fire wall” around Iran, which stipulates that Iran is not to be touched.

Did anyone tell that to Israel??  I do not understand why Iran and China can be allowed to keep their weapon systems secret.  ISIS has to cut through Iraq, which does mean a fight with the Americans and UK; simply to get to Iran. 

My home own in Louisiana went from 90% “white” to 90% Asian or illegal alien? Why? Because the Big Oil Companies and mid-sized oil companies fired all of the whites and brought in cheaper Asian workers. Then these fraud American Flag Waving Oil Companies, had dinner with Putin (at his private home) just when America & Jacob Lew at the US Treasury were bringing on their sanctions.  So, once again the CIA, US State Dept and media, gives them a pass.

The U.S., UK and France have had Africans and African-Euro mixed people within their country for hundreds of years, so how can China or India (One Race Countries with no diversity) have any claim to Africa at all??!!  This is a major lobbying point but yet all the UK and U.S. do, is toss away their strengths.


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