NO MASKS FOR KIDS!! Share Mask-Related Health Incidents Here…

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Feature Article by Patrick Wood

Many parents are asking what they can do for their school-age children who are being forced to wear face masks in school. Schools are not listening to parents and are refusing to accommodate those who physically cannot or don't want to wear masks. 

We have received some anecdotal stories that wearing a mask at school is causing physical or psychological harm to some children. We want to dig deeper, and ask you to help.

If you have a first-hand story that you can share, CFFS has set up a new web site to collect such reports. 

Go to 'No Masks For Kids'

By first-hand, we mean that you must be directly involved with the student and are not making a second-hand report of something you have heard from someone else. Reports for any other reason or topic will be deleted without notice or apology.  

If you know other parents who have experienced problems with their own students, please tell them about our new site.

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