New documentary explains how lockdowns and contact tracing don't stop the coronavirus…

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News Story Source:, by: Lance D Johnson
A new documentary — free to the public at — explains how lock downs, contact tracing, fear of the air and fear of human contact are a waste of time, energy and thought.

The documentary puts hysteria aside and taps into the science of virus infections — why it is more important to address the underlying conditions that cause serious infections to occur.

The documentary also discusses the factors that make the SARS-CoV-2 infection different than traditional virus infections, and why individuals should be skeptical of one-size-fits-all public health mandates that do nothing to address the underlying conditions that perpetuate infections.

The most important factor for stopping viral spread is nourishment of the internal terrain

Because viruses and bacteria are a vital part of the human body, they are not the sole cause of disease. Viruses need an environment that is conducive to their survival. Like a seed, a virus is neither dead nor a
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