New Dawn Special Issue Vol.7 No.4


  UFO Encounters  

  & The Hidden War  




Alien Invasion &
The Independence Day Myth

By Alexander Popoff

Live or Let Die
Do We Want A Transhuman Future?

By Nigel Kerner

UFOs Over the Perth Hills
of Western Australia
A Special Report

By Rob Hartland


The Alien Abduction Files

An Interview With Kathleen Marden

“Why Did You Take My Son?”
The Missing Pregnancy Syndrome

By Mary Rodwell

ET Contact & Hyperdimensional War
Does the US Have a Secret Military Base on Mars?

By Alfred Lambremont Webre

The Mystery Missiles
Anomalous Projectiles In Our Skies?

By Micah Hanks

Wonder Island
Portal to Another Planet?

By Robert Stanley

Dark Earth
The Source of Aliens & Angels?

by Diane Tessman

A More Alien-Like Model of Mind

By George LoBuono

Project Human Extinction
The Velon Conspiracy

By Chris Thomas




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