New Dawn Special Issue Vol.7 No.3


  Secret & Suppressed  

  What You Aren’t Told  




Voices in Your Head
Is The State Talking To You?

By David Icke

Reality is a Psyop
The War You Don’t See

By Jon Rappoport

How We Are Manipulated

By Ursula Seiler

Extraterrestrial Serpents in Ancient History
Did They Create a Reptilian-Human Race?

Jeffery Pritchett Interviews Scott Alan Roberts

The Missing Dark Ages
A Look at the Phantom History Hypothesis

By Steven Guth

Are the Stories of the Gods We Have True?

By Rita Louise, Ph.D.

The World of Esoteric Orders
Secrets Within Secrets

By Richard Smoley

The Dual Search for the Philosophers’ Stone

By Richard Smoley

Isaac Newton & the
Land Where Time Began

by John Chambers

‘Great Beast 666’ Aleister Crowley
His Story, His Elite Ties & His Legacy

By Vigilant Citizen

Rudolf von Sebottendorff
Architect of Thule

By Stephen Flowers, Ph.D.

The Man Who Conjured Hitler

By Mehmet Sabeheddin




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