New Dawn 159 (November-December 2016)

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Cleverman: The Paranormal Powers of the First Australians

Bruce Stringer explores the mysterious and secretive world of the Aboriginal shaman – the Cleverman.

The Battle for Your Mind

Could the information war waged by the West against Russia erupt into a hot war? Patrick Henningsen investigates the latest wave of anti-Russia hysteria.

The Lies of Our Times

Never before have lies been so naked and so bold, writes Patrick Henningsen.

Manipulating the Mass Mind & Attention

Fred Dodson outlines three levels of mass-reality-creation by the mainstream media, and how you can avoid becoming a victim of this manipulation.

Reflections on the 2016 World Wide Wake Up Tour

An exclusive message to our readers from British author & activist David Icke.

Natalie Sudman: Prophet of Another Reality

Richard Smoley examines the extraordinary, unusual Near-Death Experience of Natalie Sudman, whose vehicle was hit by a roadside bomb in Iraq.

How Does Distant Healing Work?

Doctor of oriental and bioenergetic medicine, Nicholas Corrin, reveals the complex and deep truth about the power to heal.

Awaken in the Dream

Greg Moffitt discusses with Dr. Rory Mac Sweeney the science of lucid dreaming, when the sleeper attains waking-state abilities within a dream.

Messages in the Movies (Part 2)

Robert Guffey continues his review of films in the subgenre of “Gnostic cinema.”

Secret Science of Sacred Geometry (Part 3)

Alan Glassman concludes his series with further analysis of the Law of Octaves and the numbers 8 & 9.


MBS Supplement

The Pursuit of Presence by Dr. Synthia Andrews, ND

Ocular Transmission & Sun Gazing by Paul V. Young

Getting the Most Out of Your Food by Sandy Brightman

Health Briefs


World Watch
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