New Dawn 154 (January-February 2016) TEST

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Lifting the Veil on 2016

Coming Navigating the Coming Storm. All indications are that the past year was just a warm up for things to come. Patrick Henningsen looks at what we can expect.

2016: The Year Ahead

Coming What Will the New Year Bring? We asked 6 visionary authors & regular New Dawn contributors to share their insights on the challenges & opportunities of 2016.

Kepler’s Alien Megastructures & the Cygnus Mystery

Coming Andrew Collins outlines a radical theory with profound implications for humanity’s attitude toward extraterrestrial life in the universe.

New Revelations on Australia’s ‘Stonehenge’

Coming Steven & Evan Strong, intrepid explorers of old and new mysteries, go in search of what has been dubbed the ‘Oldest Temple in the World’.

Nothing is True, Everything is Permitted

Coming The Untold Story of Brion Gysin. Matthew Levi Stevens examines the life of one of the 20th century’s most influential but little known cultural figures.

American Gurus & the Search for Enlightenment

Coming Richard Smoley speaks to scholar of Western esoteric traditions, Arthur Versluis, about his book American Gurus: From Transcendentalism to New Age Religion.

What is Immediatism?

Coming Is there a “pathless path” or direct route to spiritual enlightenment? Richard Smoley explains this approach at a time when “spiritual authority” has fallen away.

Psychic Pets? The Cat – Walker Between Worlds

Coming Remote viewing, telepathic ability and a knowingness of time – the cat seemingly does it all. Frank Joseph investigates.


MBS Supplement D.I.Y. Home Remedies
By Sandy BrightmanDuality & Karma: Choose to Follow the Universal Law of Ahimsa
By Pia Orleane & Cullen SmithWho is the Boss? How to Change Your Inner Conversation
By Frederick DodsonHealth Briefs


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