New Dawn 142 (January-February 2014)



War or Peace? World Entering Epochal Period of Geopolitical Change

With all the upheavals, crises & power shifts, F. William Engdahl presents his analysis of humanity’s collective future.

2014 The Year Ahead

Predictions, Perspectives & Insights. What will the New Year bring? We asked several widely published authors and gifted visionaries to share their thoughts.

The War on Consciousness

Graham Hancock explains why we should rethink what we’ve been told about consciousness and the implications for personal freedom.

Pope Francis & the Prophecies of St Malachy

Robert Howells examines the apocalyptic prophecies of St Malachy and asks is the last pope finally upon us?

Will Thinking Make it So?

Richard Smoley talks to publisher and writer Mitch Horowitz about the untold story of the mind power movement and how it revolutionised contemporary society.

Beginning the New Year With New Thought

Australian writer & academic Walter Mason outlines eight practical techniques you can use to change your thinking, and thereby change your life.

William Walker Atkinson: Man of Mystery & New Thought Pioneer

Mehmet Sabeheddin examines the life and work of an important but relatively unknown author.

Rising Angels: The Redemption of the Fallen Angels

Writer, artist & musician Timothy Wyllie, who specialises in the study of nonhuman intelligences, shares his extraordinary story of interaction with a rebel angel.

Twin Souls Merging

Rev. Gary W. Duncan looks at the amazing phenomenon of two souls merging to become whole once again, and offers an incredible real life example to prove his case.

The Magical Universe of William S. Burroughs

Matthew Levi Stevens reveals a fascinating side to writer and counter cultural icon William S. Burroughs – he spent the greater part of his life experimenting with magical practices.

The Gods Are Dead! Long Live the Gods!

Why has humanity had so many different god images? Richard Smoley offers his take on religious & mythical memes through the ages, & asks the question, is your god a devil?


How I Took Control of My Life & Health!
By Dr. Michelle Kmiec

Awakening to the Process That You Forever Are
By Travis Edwards

Health Briefs




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