New Dawn 135 (November-December 2012)

Australia, Pleiades & Egypt: A Secret History Unfolds

Steve Strong reports on incredible new revelations about the mysterious ‘ancient Egyptian’ hieroglyphs located close to Sydney, New South Wales.

Prophecy in Our Time

A Conversation with Gordon-Michael Scallion, a Modern Prophet by Len Kasten. A rare look inside the mind of one of the world’s most famous clairvoyant futurists.

Transformation 2012?

What outcome can we expect from the 2012 prophecies? Richard Smoley interprets the essential reasons for our obsession with the ‘End of the World’.

It is Our Duty to Become Multidimensional

Stephanie South explains why we are at the most amazing time in human history with the greatest opportunity to create a world we have never seen before.

Ancient Cosmology: A Path to the Future?

Walter Cruttenden introduces a unique but ancient way of looking at our past and future. Understanding this grand cycle is key to recovering our place in history.

Dreams: Another Reality?

What‘s the difference between the dream world and waking life? Richard Smoley examines the various theories on how and why we dream.

Remember Who You Are

David Icke exposes the nature of the planetary Control System, why we are enslaved, and how the Truth Vibrations can awaken us to Infinite Consciousness.

Interacting with UFO Alien Intelligences

In this interview with Jeffery Pritchett, Andrew Collins unveils an original and intriguing theory about what‘s really behind mysterious lights in the sky.

Maria de Naglowska, A Herald of the New Era

Donald Traxler looks at the life and work of a poet, author, occultist and mystic who deserves to occupy a significant place in the Western Mystery Tradition.


The Ancient “Doctrine of Signatures”
By Richard Cassaro

Elizabeth Clare Prophet
By Summit Lighthouse

Global Obesity Epidemic
By Robert Greco

The Violet Flame: Your Passage Home
By Telos Australia
Health Briefs



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