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Opinion Column by Chuck Baldwin
There are several events in modern U.S. history that must never be allowed to happen again. Never, as in EVER!

I'm talking about false flag events that warmongering politicians have used to authorize U.S. military aggression and unjust war around the world and gross miscarriages of justice in violent despotic assaults against American citizens inside the United States.

I'm talking about the fabricated Gulf of Tonkin incidents in 1964 that launched an illegal and indefensible war in Vietnam. I'm talking about the premeditated and unprovoked attack on the USS Liberty by the State of Israel in 1967.

I'm talking about the total con job that was the 9/11 attacks, which precipitated two unconstitutional and immoral military invasions against two countries, Iraq and Afghanistan, that had absolutely nothing to do with those attacks—wars we are still waging in those countries almost twenty years later—and the phony perpetual "war on terror" th
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