Nevada Brothel Causes Stir With Stimulus Request

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News Story Source:, by Jonathan Turley
Bella Cummins is the owner of a lawful small business who was initially refused an emergency loan under the pandemic stimulus money.

"It was interesting… that the bank… wanted to tell me that I wasn't going to qualify and they weren't going to send it in."

The reason? Her business is a brothel.

The CARES Act makes no distinction between moral and immoral businesses so long as they are lawful (and such a distinction in my view would challengeable). Brothels are lawful in Nevada. 

Yet, Cummins was eventually allowed to apply for the loan but there are objections to giving stimulus money to an over-stimulating business.

"It isn't about them coming up with a decision on how they think or feel, it's about following a federal policy," Cummins said.

Cummins has allowed her workers to remain on the property at Bella's Hacienda Ranch in Well, Nevada.  Her business was deemed nonessential.  Whil
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