Neocons Hate LRC

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News Story Source:, By Llewellyn H. Rockw
You'd think big, establishment organs like the two newspapers wouldn't care. But they do. LRC drives them crazy (crazier?).  They can't stand the truth, especially as enunciated by Murray Rothbard and Rothbardians.

Murray has more and more influence. Both NyTi and WaPo are notoriously close to the CIA. National Review was founded by CIA agent Bill Buckley, and all continue to fight for the welfare-warfare state, and smear anyone, especially on the right, who doesn't join their cabal.

These neocon "liberals" and "conservatives" are joined at the hip against LRC and Rothbardian ideas. We can handle them, of course. In fact, it's sort of an award to be attacked, smeared, libeled by the enemies of everything good. But now they have some billionaire allies, and frankly, I'm worried.

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