Nazi-Infested Ukraine: Battered and Beaten by Russian Forces

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Nazi-Infested Ukraine: Battered and Beaten by Russian Forces

by Stephen Lendman 

Russia's SMO in Ukraine was triumphant before launched.

Militarily inferior Ukraine is no match against vastly superior Russian battlefield strength and tactical skills. 

Analysts Andrei Martyanov and Larry Johnson both call defeated Ukraine "a dead country walking."

Hiding in Poland out of harm's way, puppet Zelensky is mindless of reality on the ground.

He knows no more than what his US master prepares for him to publicly recite.

A buffoon-like caricature of a leader, a comedian/entertainer no longer funny, a fiddler while Ukraine burns, he's far-removed from leadership as it should be and it shows.

At the same time, the illegitimate Biden regime — nominally headed by an imposter — and Congress continue to waste countless billions of dollars for weapons, munitions and related equipment for dominant Nazis i
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