Nature Threatened by Insect Apocalypse

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Nature Threatened by Insect Apocalypse

by Stephen Lendman

In the coming years or decades, life on earth in all forms could end from nuclear immolation or ecocide.

The risk of nuclear war is ominously real, an issue I've addressed numerous times. US rage for unchallenged global dominance threatens the unthinkable.

War plans were drawn against all its adversaries, to be implemented if ordered, including against Russia, China and Iran.

Bipartisan hardliners in Washington are on a path toward WW III, believing it's winnable. What's unthinkable is US-dominated NATO's main mission if things go this far.

If waged, nuclear war assures losers, not winners, humanity's survival hanging in the balance, possible ecocide its other major threat.

A study last year in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, covering the period from 1976 – 2013, showed the number of insects and other invertebrates in Puerto Rico's rainfore
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