Muslims, Blacks & Jewish Hollywood Selling Mark of Cain. (Tyra Banks, Obama, Drake, King Solomon Jews)

The Mark of Cain & 666 being pushed by Black Satanist in Hollywood
(King Solomon & his Demon Army)
One of the things that has happened to me over this past year, was that I noticed so called Islamic Lectures holding entire discussions and round tables about the info on HollywoodIlluminatiDotCom and being very misleading in their discussions.
I think that people get the impression that I am a mean person, when in reality I am not mean but just don’t have any patience for lesser occultist that are trying to debate me by having a conversation with themselves & their followers.
I noticed that there were some Islamic Professors that actually said that King Solomon wasn’t a skilled demonologist and that my writings on King Solomon and his vast books of demonology was incorrect along with every other person that knows anything about Solomon and his use of demons to construct temples among other task.
The Islamist go on to say that a “jin” which is an Islamic Elemental Spirit, that isn’t necessarily considered evil, since Islamic Religion even says that a “jin” can pray in a Mosque next to a Muslim, took on the shape of King Solomon and tricked Solomon’s maid into giving the “jin” a ring by shape-shifting into King Solomon. Therefore King Solomon wasn’t into the occult but it was a “jin” impersonator.  Oh Really?  I see.
This is very wrong. First, a “jin” amounts to nothing but an “elemental” nature spirit, as they are called in Witchcraft and in other branches of the European Occult System.  An Islamic “jin” doesn’t have the power to manifest in a physical form as someone like King Solomon or glamour itself therefore a “jin” cant take on the physical form of King Solomon, which means that this Islamic Lecturer who makes a living by talking about HollywoodilluminatiDotCom doesn’t know what he is speaking about when it comes to the occult.
This is the blame of Islamic Texts which are incomplete, just as Christian Texts are also incomplete works that were selected an edited by the Illuminati Elites over the centuries & used as mind control over savage populations.
Only a demon can glamour themselves and appear in a physical form.  There are many cases where little kids have these make-believe friends and these make-believe child hood friends will appear only to the child and usually take on the form of a child in order to fool the human target. 
Then once the demon gets enough of energy, it will usually show its true form, which can be anything from a “Rain Man” apparition to even a huge 8 foot hellish looking beast.  A “jin” doesn’t have this power and only a demon has this power, therefore King Solomon was indeed working to manifest and gain dominion over demons. King Solomon was a demonologist.
How do we get demons?  Well according to the Book of Enoch, which was hidden in Ethiopia by Jews when they tried to hide the Mystery Books from the Romans, the Fallen Angels mated with the Daughters of Man, this off spring produced Giants and once these Giants lost their physical body at death, their souls became the demons which walk the Earth and cause the worse cases of possession.
Demons are considered non-human entities by exorcist and when God chastised the Fallen Angels, God also said that the souls of their children, with the daughters of man, were not of heaven or of Earth but something else all together and God also said that these souls would not enter heave but stay trapped to the Earth, all though they were not allowed to reincarnate into a physical body like the Children of Man. So, demons are all around us and they are powerful because they are a hybrid of Angel & Man.
When we talk about this Mark of Cain, it is very important to realize that both Cain and Abel were Negroid.  So, while it is thought by some of these New Age Protestant Faiths in the US, that were formed by the Rockefeller Family & the Illuminati out of Europe & Colonial America, like the Evangelical and Mormon Faiths, that black people bare the Mark of Cain, it is actually not all blacks because Abel, himself, was a Negroid as were the original Jewish Tribes.  So, when we are discussing Biblical Characters, for the most part, we are speaking about Negroid mixed Jewish Tribes.
Over the centuries the names of these Biblical Characters have changed, to fit the demographic profile of the target region, which the Illuminati wanted to control and civilize for Lucifer/Satan but the root knowledge of these stories all spring from African-Jewish Tales.
The continent of Africa has every type of facial feature that one can imagine. There are African Tribes that look Asian, some look like present day African Americans and in East Africa, they look like darker skin Europeans or “white”-so being that every one sprung from certain tribes in Africa, there are also non-blacks that have the Mark of Cain.
The reason why Jewish Law prohibits the tattooing of the body, is because the Mark of Cain was originally a tattoo which was the form of a snake and Christian Crucifix. The Torah states that one must not deface the body and this is a direct commandment for Jews because the Mark of Cain mostly travels in the Jewish Blood Lines.
Even when one looks at a Catholic Rosary, where you have a cross with a Jesus hanging from some beads, this is really the Mark of Cain being that you have the Cross and the arms and legs of Jesus, which are really three snakes that are meeting in the middle.  If you have a trained occult eye, one can easily look at a Catholic Rosary from the side and at a certain distance and make out that it isn’t really a Jesus/Cross hanging from the beads but instead it is a Mark of Cain.
If you look at the Universal Symbol for the field of medicine, you will see a serpent or snake, this is also the Mark of Cain.
So, the Illuminati is very skilled at maintaining their agenda.
In fact, in the US Health Care Bill, which was passed by President Obama and drown up by Mitt Romney (at least they are the tokens which the Illuminati Work Through) there is health care coverage for the implanting of microchips! 
So, when all of these black and white protestants go to Church, notice that none of their preachers inform them that the US Health Care Bill opens the door to the Mark of the Beast via microchips but instead these fake Satanic Religious Leaders in the US are only there to aid the Illuminati and work for the Anti-Christ or Most-High Demon aka Satan, by using religion to fool the public and trick them into supporting a Health Care Bill that pays for micro-chips, which is strictly a Mark of Satan according to their own Christian Bible & Revelations!
This is how good the Illuminati are and how skilled Lucifer is at manipulating the Children of Man being that Lucifer even controls the Churches along with the Entertainment Industry and World Governments.  We are living under Lucifer’s Law.
I do not watch tv except for maybe 30 minutes a week but I do watch some old tv shows online. I just so happened to notice that Tyra Banks named one of her models “Illuminata” last season on Americas Next Top Model.  So, knowing that Tyra Banks always dabbled in these black freemason lodges when she was social climbing and dating Hollywood Director, John Singleton, in order to get roles in films, I was curious and this weekend, I went online and watched a few episodes of her new season.
She had Tyler Perry on one of the shows, and Tyler Perry along with Oprah, are caught up in the most sinister aspects of the Illuminati as tokens, being that they are apart of the Illuminati Kill Squad, which wants to reduce the world’s population from 7 billion down to a few hundred thousand people.  If you notice in Tyler Perry’s Films, there are always sick black people that are dying of cancer. 
This is an Illuminati agenda, because the Illuminati wants to make black people think that having disease and being over weight is something that is genetically pre-disposed to being black, when in reality, if we go back to 35 years in the U.S., Black Americans were some of the healthiest, strongest and thinnest people in the world.
So, for blacks to now think that having diabetes and being 300 lbs is being “black in America” is simply silly because there were Illuminati Programs that were sat up in the 1980′s which directed chemicals to black inner city neighborhoods and into the Southern US, that were meant to cause cancer, weight gain and diabetes.
 (Greek Satanic Muses from Xanadu Film)
(Tyra Banks and her Satanic Xanadu Models)
Another thing, Tyra Banks, is playing around with a lot of Greek Magick, the way that she has those models looking like Greek Muses from the occult film Xanadu starring Olivia Newton John.  Tyra Banks was originally based at Warner Bros Studio, when that ANTM was first being produced, so that means she went through Illuminati Initiation being that one has to be initiated into the Lucifer Hollywood Occult to even be affiliated with Warner Bros Studios.
I really try not to watch music videos because they are meant to cause demonic possession and even with rap, which resembles the communications of demons, it can be very dangerous.  If one looks at writings from the black Jews that were from the Cain Tribe, the writings are a continuous series of words that flow like a rap song. 
In fact, being that Jews are the ones that primarily carry the Mark of Cain, they started using the black artist to cast spells over the white populations of the world.  This is how we got Jazz/Blues music.  It was Jews teaching blacks how to re-discover their Mark of Cain Powers and then this demonic music was recorded by Jews and mass distributed to white America and Europeans.  
  • While Beyonce, Jay Z, Drake & Rihanan are the faces of this evil, it is the Jews that carry the most authentic and un-interrupted blood lines from Cain.
When Drake flashes his 666 Sign, it is more than just a number.  In numerology 666, represents 3 Earths depicted by the base circle of the number and the arm, which finishes off the “6″ is represents the life force being sucked out of the children of men on the Earth.
In demonology or if we could witness King Solomon, whenever he opened the gates to the under-world, the door would appear as 3 spirals that looked like a “666″ intermingled, so when they flash a “666″ sign, it represents a desire to call demons from the under-world and allowing yourself to be used a vessel for these demons to come through & take on a more physical form.
Nicolas Duplessis

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