Muh Muh Muh My Corona (perspective and tips) From Chris Wark (Author of Chris Beat Cancer)

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Feature Article by Donna Hancock
We are in the midst of a pandemic. But despite what they are saying on the news, COVID-19 is not the pandemic…

The pandemic is fear.

"God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind."
-2 Timothy 1:7

A sound mind is a rational mind. Don't panic. Return the extra toilet paper you bought. LOL

I suspect that this virus is no more of a threat than the flu, that the death rate is grossly exaggerated, and that the entire world is overreacting thanks to the media and politicians, who thrive on fear-mongering, and won't miss a paycheck because their employer shut down.

Reality check. The flu kills 30-60k Americans every year and Hospital Acquired Infections kill 75k Americans every year. The elderly, people with serious health problems, and chemo patients always have been and always will be especially vulnerable to viral and bacterial infections.

The 3.4% death rate of COVID-19, which everyone is freaking out about, is 3
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