MrBeast, the YouTuber Saving Our Oceans and Beaches Through Voluntary Action

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News Story Source: by Luis Angeles
MrBeast is a 24-year-old YouTuber who is far more than a content creator—he's a change creator. While best known for producing game-style challenge videos and pranks for his 53 million YouTube subscribers, that's not the only type of content he makes. He also makes charitable videos for environmental causes.

MrBeast has expressed his desire to leave the Earth better than he found it. And how exactly is he doing this, you might ask? By engaging his massive reach to rally his supporters to help fund and volunteer for social causes.

For example, MrBeast's first viral initiative, #TeamTrees, tackled the environmental problem of deforestation. The project's is to plant 20 million trees by December 2022, and according to the website, they are on track to meet that goal. After successfully raising millions and planting 10 million trees to date, MrBeast's followers encouraged him to take on another environmental cause.

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