More than one million children under age 6 are on psychiatric drugs…

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News Story Source: Natural News
(Natural News) Are children in the United States being over-medicated? According to some recent statistics, it surely looks that way. Over a million children six years of age or under are prescribed a psychiatric medication. Overall, more than eight million kids in America are on some sort of psychotropic drug — and the medical establishment is hardly batting an eye.

In fact, now that the mass medication of American children has started to gain traction in the media, so-called researchers from Columbia University Medical Center published a study claiming that not enough children are on drugs. Sure, that's the problem — not the fact that children are blindly being given a dose of pharmaceuticals, instead of being given other options.

The risk that a three-year-old child will be diagnosed with ADHD, for example, is now over 40 percent. Do nearly half of all children actually suffer with this disorder, or are we over-diagnosing children for proble
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