More Killing In A Gun-Free Zone And More Inept Police Response

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Opinion Column by Chuck Baldwin
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Here we go again: Another crazed (or programmed?) halfwit walks into a gun-free zone with a gun and takes the lives of 19 school children and 2 teachers. And despite scores of policemen standing around outside the crime scene—as the killings were taking place—they didn't bother to try and stop the bad guy for nearly an hour. 

Not only did police not even attempt to take out the shooter, they arrested, handcuffed and tased frantic parents who attempted to rescue their children. 

Law enforcement officials in Uvalde, Texas, refused to comment on Thursday on why police officers did not enter an elementary school to kill a mass shooter for an hour. Parents accused both local and federal police of "doing nothing" to end the carnage, and of handcuffing those parents that tried to intervene themselves. 

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