More About The Las Vegas Shootings

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Opinion Column by Chuck Baldwin
My, what a difference a week makes.

Police have dramatically altered their original timeline and sequence of events, which only makes the official story regarding the Las Vegas shootings all the more unbelievable. More on that further down.

First, here are some additional questions that I did not broach in last week's column.

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The Las Vegas Shootings

1. Where are the hundreds or thousands of spent cartridges on Stephen Paddock's hotel floor?

In the photos of the suite that have been released to the public, we see maybe a few dozen shell casings scattered around the room (including next to the body) but nothing close to the multiple hundreds of expended cartridges that had to have been on the floor if Mr. Paddock did what authorities are saying he did.

Think about it: according to published reports, 58 people were killed in this attack, and over 500 were wounded. In order to achieve that many casualties,
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