MONUMENTAL GEOLOGICAL UPHEAVAL: "Wherever We Step, There Seems To Be A Cave-In" – 150 Sinkholes In Five Months In And Around Kaski Village, Nepal; 7.3 MILLION Recommended To Control The Disaster!

March 26, 2014 – NEPAL – The land cave-in that appeared at Thulibeshi Phant of Armala, Kaski, today morning, has further terrorised locals.

Another sinkhole in Armala, locals terrified

The sinkhole has destroyed Krishna Prasad Paudel’s cowshed. According to Paudel, the sinkhole appeared suddenly at 4:00 am today. “We evacuated a buffalo to a safe place. Otherwise, it would have been killed,” said Paudel.

After a sinkhole appeared on land deemed safe by locals, they have been terrified.

“My family members did their best to fill the sinkhole with soil, but the cave-in has not stopped, Paudel said.

“The cave-in at the upper portion of the land has taken away our sleep,” Parbati Acharya said. “The sinkhole has endangered the entire settlement. Wherever we step, there seems to be a cave-in. How can we save our property?” Acharya wondered.

Thulibeshi Phant has developed more than 150 sinkholes ever since it began around five months ago. The cave-ins have jeopardised a private school, 200 houses and vast swathes of arable land.

Secretary Ram Prasad Parajuli of Armala Disaster Concern and Construction Cooperation Committee said the sinkholes have destroyed water pipelines. “The sinkholes have damaged arable land,” Parajuli said, adding, “Armala locals have incurred loss of Rs 90 million so far.”

A high-level government committee formed to study Armala sinkholes had recommended Rs 7.3 million to control the disaster. Experts have warned of worse consequences if appropriate measures are not adopted to control sinkholes before the onset of monsoon. – The Himalayan Times.

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