Mom's Mistakes Leads to Good Kids Who Focus on Others

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News Story Source: Good News Network
One mom who realized she was missing the mark in raising truly good kids has figured out the answer and is on a mission to help other parents learn from her mistakes.

Dani LaBriola, who has 11-year-old twins, created a system called Crafting Character, and says, "it's a two-step process that requires a pivot in thinking."

The pivot requires parents to change their focus from inward, on their kids own individual happiness and success, to outward, on how their kids can serve others. This gets one in the right mindset to begin the two-step task ahead: teaching your kids about character and then helping them to create a new habit so it shines through.

First, educating your children about the trait is important so they understand why and how. The research is easy to find and shows that kindness benefits the recipient AND the giver by increasing confidence, improving health, decreasing anxiety and depression, and increasing popularity.

Kindness can be
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