Mitt the gun-grabber not a shoo-in, after all

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"Romney, who was the 2012 GOP presidential nominee, is still heavily favored to win the (U.S. Senate) seat from which longtime Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch is retiring. But on Saturday, his path became slightly more complicated when he fell short at the convention to state Rep. Mike Kennedy." The AP reports Romney received support from 49 percent of convention delegates, compared to Kennedy's 51 percent.

Romney had already qualified for the June 26 primary ballot by filing the required number of petition signatures – the only candidate in the GOP field to have done so. But had he received 60 percent of the vote at the convention, he would have won the Republican nomination outright and avoided the two-month primary battle.

Instead, he will face Kennedy -– a practicing family physician with a law degree -– who has cast himself as a true conservative, especially on immigration.

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