Mistrial declared by Judge in 'Battle of Bunkerville' Trial of Bundys

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News Story Source: lewrockwell.com By Chris Eger
U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro cited the government's failure to turn over documents that could help the defendants on over a dozen conspiracy and assault charges brought against them as cause to bring the trial to a halt. "The court does regrettably believe a mistrial in this case is the most suitable and only remedy," said Navarro, as reported by The Oregonian.

Navarro had warned more than a week ago that government missteps could result in a mistrial, and sent jurors home until evidence issues were hammered out with prosecutors. Of concern to the judge were 493 pages of internal documents relating to controversial dismissed Bureau of Land Management agent Dan Love, who was key to the case; information about a surveillance camera the FBI had pointed at the ranch; details of deployed BLM snipers during the stand-off; maps, and other reports that were withheld.

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