‘Minsky Moment’ Arrives – Damage Done To Market Signals End Of Buy-The-Dip Era

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News Story Source: https://www.zerohedge.com, by Bruce Wilds
This should force investors to return to reality. We have crossed the tipping point with the destruction of small businesses by the government in the name of the "greater good." The heavy lifter, the great job creator, and the most productive part of society has been thrown under the bus. Most of the support being provided by the government is set to flow towards the most vulnerable parts of society, big business, and Wall Street banks. if anything small businesses are being asked to pay a great deal of the cost.

A few years back someone pointed out that a corporate chart indicating how a company works often ignores the truth of who is really making decisions and getting things done. For example, Fred may be the director of maintenance, and also the brother of the company's owner, this puts him in charge of deciding when to replace machinery, however, Todd the maintenance foreman actually make the decision based on how often units require repair. In this case, if y
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