Microsoft and Amazon employees ensnared in sex trafficking bust… why are we not surprised?

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(Natural News) An American media outlet has obtained copies of emails sent to brothels by "high-level Amazon and Microsoft directors" who are now facing charges of sex trafficking, marking the latest Left-wing sycophants who have been [allegedly] busted for treating women badly.

As reported by Engadget, the online magazine Newsweek managed to obtain "a slew of emails sent to brothels and pimps between 2014 and 2016 that document the industry's patronage" of sex houses "and purchasing of services from trafficked sex workers."

The tech website reported that included in the emails, which were obtained via public records requests to the King County (Washington) Prosecutor's Office, were 67 sent from Microsoft employee accounts and 63 Amazon accounts.

Also, dozens more came from other high-end companies including Boeing, T-Mobile, Oracle and local Seattle-based technology firms.

"Some of the emails were collected during a 2015 sting ope
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