Michigan state senator testifies to his "serious concerns" about the health risks…

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News Story Source: http://www.dcclothesline.com, Vicki Batts
Concerns about soon-to-be-everywhere 5g technology (and really, WiFi and cellphone radiation in general) are on the rise. Studies continue to point to a substantial number of health risks associated with exposure to the radio-frequency (RF) radiation and electromagnetic field (EMF) radiation these kinds of things emit. Despite the growing body of research which shows radio-frequency radiation is a human health hazard, the mainstream media and other puppets of the tech industry have been quick to try and shut down the conversation about what kinds of ill effects may await us beyond the gates of wireless technology. But, in the U.S., one lone senator stands apart — demanding that these obvious health risks be tackled head-on before the rolling out of an even more potent network tech (5g) gets rolled out nation-wide.

Michigan state senator Patrick Colbeck (R-Canton) took to the Senate floor to address the risks of wireless tech, and to urge his colleagues to vote against a s
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