Metro Hop electric STOL plane can get airborne off a 25-meter runway

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News Story Source:, By Loz Blain
 VTOL aircraft use an enormous amount of energy lifting themselves off the ground, dramatically cutting the range they can squeeze out of a battery system. But an STOL plane like the one Metro Hop is designing can get aloft much more efficiently, without needing a whole lot of runway.

This thing uses an active landing gear system, meaning that it doesn't just rely on its propellers to get it up to takeoff speed. Instead, there's an electric motor on at least one of the wheels to provide snappy and efficient acceleration on the ground. Combining hard acceleration with a large wing means the Metro Hop achieves takeoff speed fast – the company says its full-size prototype will allegedly get airborne in as little as 25 meters (82 ft).

The landing gear is also levered such that it can lift the body of the plane up and down, and tilt it rearward to maximize lift and drag in STOL situations. It folds out of the way once you're airborne to reduce drag, enabling
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