META TAKEOVER Mark Zuckerberg 'could become leader of virtual world' as 5BILLION…

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News Story Source:, Jamie Harris
BILLIONS of people are expected to be using the Mark Zuckerberg-led metaverse by 2030.

As the main tech whizz spearheading the huge idea, Zuckerberg, 37, could find himself leading some 5billion users into the new virtual world.

The metaverse is a growing digital space filled with virtual and augmented reality, where we could one day find ourselves working, socialising and playing.

We've already seen many real world things jump across, including restaurants, casinos, and even the metaverse's very own fashion week.

Billionaire Zuckerberg is betting his company's future on the metaverse but is keen to make it a collaborative project, describing it as an "embodied internet".

Not only do experts expect people to flock to the platform, they predict it'll be a multitrillion dollar part of the world economy.

According to Citi, it could be a $8trillion (£6.1trillion) to $13trillion (£9.9trillion) opportunity in eight years.
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