Mercola: Technocracy And Transhumanism Now In Phase II Of Total Takeover

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News Story Source: BY: DR. JOSEPH MERCOLA
You cannot fight an enemy that you do not know. However, many experts like Dr. Joseph Mercola, are now boldly recognizing Technocracy as the clear and present danger to the entire world, with Transhumanism attached at the hip like a Siamese twin. Together, they seek control over every resource on earth, including all humans. ? TN Editor

In the video above, which is part of a larger "Great Reset" documentary series, Rebel News highlights the origins of the World Economic Forum1 (WEF), its founder Klaus Schwab, and other key players, and the WEF's central role in The Great Reset, which promises (read: threatens) to overturn society and life as we know it in ways that are hard to imagine.

In summary, The Great Reset involves the demolition and radical overhaul of several interlocking pillars of civilization: technology, society, economy, environment and geopolitics. Food and health also fall within these categories. Through control of these core pillars, the
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