McMaster Threatens North Korea

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
McMaster Threatens North Korea

by Stephen Lendman

Trump, Tillerson and now National Security Advisor McMaster threatened war on North Korea – madness if Washington launches it.

The USS Carl Vinson strike group is conducting military exercises with South Korean and Japanese warships in international waters off the Korean peninsula – a reckless provocation Pyongyang believes is preparation for war.

Given Trump's rage for waging them, it's justified in fearing possible US aggression. Last week, Tillerson said "(d)iplomatic and financial leverage or power will be backed up by willingness to counteract North Korean aggression with military action, if necessary."

No DPRK aggression occurred any time throughout its history. No evidence suggests it plans any now or ahead.

Tillerson and other US officials represent Washington's rage for unchallenged global dominance – color revolutions and naked aggression its strategies of choice.
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