Mayor is tied to a truck and dragged along the streets by Mexican villagers who were…

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News Story Source:, By SOPHIE TANNO
A Mexico mayor has been tied to a truck and dragged along the streets by angry villagers who were protesting unfulfilled campaign promises. 

Jorge Luis Escandon Hernandez, the mayor of Las Margaritas in the state of Chiapas, was taken by a mob of residents from his office. 

The residents were compelled on Tuesday to carry out the attack after storming the mayor's office and demanding he fulfill his promises to the community, according to El Heraldo de Mexico.  

He was forcibly removed from his office and tied to a pick-up truck.  

Shocking video lasting 17 seconds shows Mr Escandon attached to the back of the Toyota truck with a rope and being dragged along a road by the moving vehicle.

Another video shows the residents armed with sticks as they kidnap the Mayor in chaotic scenes as scuffles break out among the crowd.  

Mr Escandon was dragged around the city until roughly 40 police officers interven
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