Maybe We Can Learn Something From the Marijuana Experience?

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News Story Source: by Marc J. Victor, Esq
In 1994, my arguments to legalize marijuana were dismissed by most people as crazy fringe ramblings. For the next two and a half decades, I witnessed judges and prosecutors work together to imprison countless peaceful people, our brothers and sisters, for possessing, transporting, selling or growing a plant that countless competent and peaceful adults wanted. We the taxpayers have financially supported that hugely expensive effort the entire time. We can only guess at how many real criminals remain on the streets because precious law enforcement resources were wasted chasing down and prosecuting such peaceful people then often ruining their lives. 

Merely singing songs about freedom and waiving flags is irrelevant to a free society. We need to walk the walk. Especially if you don't use marijuana, you should enthusiastically support marijuana legalization for competent adults. Until we accept that competent adults have a right to do peaceful things we personally find immoral
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