May 13: Ernest interviews Tone Vays (Bitcoin); Mike Winner (QORTAL)

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News Story Source: Ernest Hancock
2022-05-13 — Ernest Hancock interviews Mike Winner (QORTAL) – LIVE STREAM Fri May 13: 8 pm EST

Program Date: 05-12-2022

Mike Winner (Qortal) on decentralized internet. QORTAL is a completely unique blockchain-based infrastructure platform capable of rebuilding the internet entirely, as well as establishing the framework for a worldwide economic system based on individual input for gaining influence on the network.

2022-05-13 — Ernest Hancock interviews Tone Vays on Bitcoin – LIVE STREAM Fri May 13: 11:30 am EST

Program Date: 05-12-2022

Tone Vays (Analyst, Derivatives Trader & Event Organizer) provides an update on Bitcoin, future of crypto, etc…

2022-05-12 — Ernest Hancock and Dr Phranq Tamburri (Trump Report) – MP3

Program Date: 05-12-2022

Dr Pharnq Tamburri (Trump Report) for the Trump Report, culture war, social engineering, propaganda, etc…

2022-05-11 — Ernest Hancock and Max Freeman (Ep
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