Mass Entertainment Sells Tech Tyranny

report2.jpgDecades of propagandized entertainment has left Main Street America oblivious to the threat posed by technology to their liberty and privacy.

Man was meant to be free and master of his own destiny, not some monitored cog in a dystopian machine.

by Chris Goodmenbetter


SuperBowl 2012 has come and gone.

The primetime bread & circus accomplished what gladiatorial games have done since Roman times – distract the electorate from the actions of the self elected.

It’s fitting that the “Patriots” lost while spectators were scrutinized by the best technological surveillance to date.

Such scrutiny typifies unfolding centralized real-time surveillance of the entire populace. Decades of propagandized entertainment has left Main Street America oblivious to the threat facing their liberty and privacy.

America’s human herders, the psychopathic elite, have determined that the best way to predict a society’s future is to invent it using popular culture.


There have been many instances of biometric surveillance in movies & T.V.  the 2002 Steven Spielberg Film ‘Minority Report’ will aptly suffice.

The original story by author Philip K. Dick, upon which the film is based, makes no mention of the biometrics so integral in the movie. This sort of “strategic embellishment” is the movie industry’s method of implanting a concept into the viewers mind so when he experiences it in real life, he is already familiarized. This process is known as predictive programming.

In this futuristic film, biometrical Iris scans, made automatically and from a  distance,  make payment on goods & services and also function as the de facto I.D. (a literal national ‘EYE.D.’).

One scene involves the protagonists’ flight from capture by authorities after it’s determined he is destined to commit a murder and is therefore guilty as charged.

While on a public subway train, a laser scans his eyes (along with all the other ‘fare paying’ passengers) and he is instantly pinpointed.

His eyes are similarly scanned in a shopping mall, spawning numerous holographic ad billboards crafted for him by name. “Welcome back to ‘the Gap’ Mr. Takahashi, how are those assorted tank tops working out for you?” says a holographic clerk.

By movies’ end, the precog system is scrapped as unreliable yet nowhere during the film is any objection made against the surveillance state.


Our societal managers believe that strict manageability of the masses makes for good business. Man was meant to be free and master of his own destiny, not some monitored cog in a dystopian machine.

Continual surveillance is unnatural. Ask any inmate if they like it. Many species of wild animals cannot breed in captivity or even die from the shock of capture. Given time, it negatively alters human behavior and physiology.

In the 2009 documentary ‘We Live In Public’, an internet entrepreneur willingly subjected himself to round the clock webcam surveillance before a worldwide internet audience. He eventually succumbed to the stress of being continually watched, and had a nervous breakdown.

It was his show and he had the option of not being surveilled. Would we have this option if a fascistic alliance of governments and corporations mandated our surveillance?

Why do “reality” TV shows like the imbecilic ‘Big Brother’ make it to prime time air? It’s simple – to train the populace to associate surveillance, or lack of privacy, with success and acceptance.

Facebook co-creator Mark Zuckerberg says the age of privacy is over. Apparently privacy is over for everyone else, but not for him. He terminated his Google+ account because he didn’t want to be tracked. Zuckerbergs’ company is currently under German order to stop using biometrics (facial recognition technology) on it’s users.


The hazardous and intrusive “Rapist-Scan” full body biometric scanners (now used at many U.S. and International airports) first appeared decades prior in the 1990 film Total Recall.

The 30,000 biometric surveillance drones now planned to circle the skies of the continental United States, mimic those appearing in 1984’s “The Terminator”.

(Both films, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, were highly profitable, heavily promoted and widely distributed for maximum exposure.)

Between 1999 and 2006, the number of Homeland Security contractors increased from nine to 33,890 companies.

This dramatic, virus-like increase represents a tremendous capital investment. It also represents inevitable hordes of political lobbyists (read: paid professional bribers) itching to have their biometrics, surveillance and weapons systems made widespread by having laws like the Patriot Act, NDAA etc. passed. Thus we pay for our own enslavement.


If the ubiquitous “war on terror” represents big business, what chance does Liberty have?

The populace has been convinced that slavery is freedom. The natural intuition that something is terribly wrong has been preemptively short-circuited and dulled by the gradual I.V. drip of half-truths and indoctrination.

America, and eventually the rest of the First World, can realistically expect a nightmarish level of governmental intrusion within the next 5 to10 years. Look what Americans willingly put up with now.

Americans have ignorantly exchanged precious Liberty for comfort in a high-tech gilded cage. The “give me Liberty, or give me Death” spirit of rugged American individualism has changed to “ignorance is bliss”.

Regaining freedom and your country cannot be conveniently achieved between commercial breaks. The surveillance state must be stopped.

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