Mass Deception: Dietary Supplements Unproven Experimental Vaccines Safe & Effective

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News Story Source: – Bill Sardi
Dietary Supplements For Covid-19 Are Untested And Cannot Make Any Claim They Prevent, Treat Or Cure Any Disease But Unproven Experimental Vaccines That Are Less Than 1% Effective And Untested For Safety In Large Populations Are Mandatory.

The opportunity of a lifetime came to the dietary supplement industry when the World Health Organization announced a (pre-planned) pandemic caused by a newly mutated virus that the whole world population had no immunity against and for which there were no proven vaccines or medicines.  Would dietary supplements as the only option save humanity from predicted extinction?

Retail stores ran out of zinc pills.  Thanks to the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service informing the world that intravenous vitamin C brought hospitalized patients back from a certain grave, C pills also vanished from store shelves.  While modern medicine is still dragging its feet in denial, vitamin D has unequivocally produced a better survival rate than a
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