MASS BIRD DIE-OFF: Dead Birds Fall From The Sky In Oklahoma – Experts Say "No Cause For Concern." RIGHT?!

April 10, 2014 – OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES – Dead birds fall from the sky in Oklahoma and experts say ‘no cause for concern.’ If you believe that then . . . Dead birds falling from the sky is NOT normal.

Dead birds fall from sky in Oklahoma
Dead birds fall from sky in Oklahoma,

On Apr 3, dead birds fell from the sky in Norman, Oklahoma. Even though state wildlife officials say “there’s no cause for concern,” residents are alarmed, and with good reason. Dead birds falling from the sky is not an everyday occurrence anywhere, let alone in Oklahoma, with its loud booms, rumbling, and shaking.

On Thursday, Becki Miller, a homeowner near Highway 9 and Interstate 35, heard a thump and saw that a dead bird had fallen to the ground. During the next 24 hours, at least a dozen more birds dropped “dead from the skies” into her yard. Also, according to The Oklahoman, a TV station reported another 20 birds were found the same day within a square mile of Miller’s home.

Dead birds aside for a moment, there are good reasons why Oklahomans should be alarmed about the unusual happenings in their state.

For one thing, they get more earthquakes there than they do in California. Since just the first of this year, there have been earthquakes and quake swarms, mysterious loud booms, shaking, and rumbling, and now dead birds. In one week alone (from Feb 13 to Feb 20), the Oklahoma Geological Survey website recorded 211 earthquakes, and around the same time period, a series of mysterious loud booms frightened residents and damaged homes in Logan County.

And then there’s “the stench.”

Melinda Traynor, who lives in the Cinammon Ridge subdivision, said she thinks the tremors are making her home stink. The odor inside her house was so powerful it woke her from a dead sleep around 3:30 a.m., Friday, Feb 14. She searched her house but could not find the source of the stench. However, she did find a fresh crack across the floor of her garage. Oklahoma Natural Gas inspected the house and said whatever the strange stench was, it was not natural gas.

Throughout the day quakes rattled her house. “We are a little spooked, even the dogs are spooked,” she said.

What could have caused the “stench” in Traynor’s house and birds to fall dead from the sky? The answer is “methane.”

With all the earthquakes, shaking and rumbling, we know for sure that the ground is moving and shifting. When rock layers are stretched and slide, trapped gasses from rotting vegetation (methane) are released. Birds are more sensitive to methane releases than humans are. When methane is released from the Earth, it floats upward, passing right through flocks of birds in the sky, who breathe it and die.

Dead birds falling from the sky is not just a local affair. It happens worldwide. So yes, Oklahoma residents do have cause for concern. Methane is being released from the earth.

The earthquake swarms and mysterious loud booms plaguing Oklahoma are NOT normal. In fact, until fairly recently, Oklahoma averaged only about 50 earthquakes per year, but in 2013, there were 3,000 seismic events recorded.

Dead birds falling from the Oklahoma skies – definitely cause for concern. And, no matter what the “experts” say, something is radically wrong. – Examiner.

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