MASS ANIMAL/FISH/BIRDS/BEES DIE-OFF: Latest Incidents Across The Earth – 48 Dolphins Washed Up Dead During The Past Month In Texas, United States; MILLIONS Of Bees Found Dead Along The Rhine River In Germany; Over 30 Birds Fall Dead From The Sky In Norman, Oklahoma; Massive Die-Off Of Fish Along 1km Of River In Haikou, China; Hundreds Of Thousands Of Bees Found Dead Near The International Bridge On The Border Of Argentina And Uruguay!

April 08, 2014 – EARTH – The following constitutes the latest incidents of mass animal, fish, bird and bees die-offs across the Earth:

48 Dolphins Wash Up Dead During The Past Month In Texas, United States
Gerald Joubert bags oil-soaked sand on the Texas City Dike as crews start the clean-up after the Galveston Bay oil spill.
© AP/Jennifer Reynolds

Just as it seemed the clean-up efforts from last months oil spill under control, there’s new evidence washing ashore that proves to the public just how much nearly 168,000 gallons of oil affects wildlife.

The U.S. Coast Guard confirms that 30 dead dolphins have been found in the Galveston area since the wreck, 48 total in March. That’s well above average, and very well above last years recovery of only 15.

A high number of dead dolphins is typical during what is called the stranding season from January through March, but so far, 2 have been confirmed to have oil on their bodies and two more are being tested for possible oil exposure.

Dead dolphins washing up near Galveston may be oil related.

Though it’s not proven that oil is the definite cause of the increase in stranding yet, it’s definitely a concern, and until the murky waters are all cleared up, we won’t know exactly how much our wildlife will be impacted. – News Fix Now.

MILLIONS Of Bees Found Dead Along The Rhine River In Germany
Quantities of dead bees found beekeepers, especially in the Rhine village south before the beginning of the week.
Where the animals have been poisoned, currently can not be said.

A million bees, as new estimates from the Veterinary Office are dead on the mysterious bee deaths on Monday and Tuesday. The colonies were all along the Rhine in the Rhine village-south and hit village. According to master beekeeper Konrad Kappek all the flying bees have come in the affected bee colonies by poisoning killed up to two thirds.

Kappek says that the people in the village Rhine-South were the most affected. Even from the north of the district, there were no reports of poisoning. Not even from the other side of the Rhine. So be a poisoning of the waters of the Rhine, from which the animals drink, not very likely, said the Leverkusen official veterinarian Kurt Molitor. Even further down the Rhine and from Wiesdorf there were no messages. It is affected only this narrow strip of Leverkusen. With the current heat looking bees up to three miles from their hive for food.

20 to 30 nations from six beekeepers were severely damaged. The poisoning on Monday has passed very quickly and acutely, says Molitor: The insects were so weakened back to the sticks that they had died prior to the admission holes in droves. The poison could hardly come from a private garden, as Molitor, that was a bit larger. “The bees dying is frightening because we do not know anything yet,” says the official veterinarian. In question is about a poisoned rape field. Blooming rapeseed has an almost magical attraction to bees. But none of the farmers who Molitor, has interviewed have used a bee-toxic pesticides. Farmers need bees for pollination of their fields. That something poisonous was applied to the Rhine meadows, the official veterinarian also closes out.

The wind came on Monday, according to information from Bayer from south-southeast. So just from the direction in which the hazardous waste landfill, the wastewater treatment plant and incinerator are. In the factories there had been no problems to make the information of a Currenta speaker. Also not with the holes in the landfill body that run because of the highway planning at the time.

Information can only bring the dead animals yourself. A glass full of poisoned bees, he was sent to a study institution, Molitor. First, was wanted by the usual suspect toxins, then after more exotic substances. Of these, from hanging when the result come.

It was a short night for some beekeepers, as most made it as Konrad Kappek: They invited the sticks with the remaining bees in cars and brought them to safety. Kappeks poles are now in Mettmann, in other Opladen. The 80-year-old beekeeper Kappek deals for 70 years of beekeeping, for almost 40 years in Leverkusen. He has never experienced a case. “I am so sad that you can not imagine,” he says as he sits in the garden of his youthful Hitdorfer beekeeper friend Alexander Mann. The floor is littered with corpses bees. Chance whiz still confused about animals who seek their now transported away peoples. And the grandmother of the beekeeper speaks of a fear that others feel, as long as there is no clarity about the cause: “There’s is a queasy when you consider that even people here have perhaps gotten poison.” – KSTA. [Translated]

Over 30 Birds Fall Dead From The Sky In Norman, Oklahoma
In the last 24 hours, Becki Miller has observed at least a dozen birds drop dead in her yard.

There’s a bit of a mystery in the Norman area. Birds were seen falling dead out of the sky.

One homeowner, near highway 9 and I 35, found more than a dozen dead in her yard. Becki Miller does not consider herself a bird watcher, but she’s identified a potential problem with a flock of black birds.

“I heard this thump and I noticed a bird had just fallen out of the sky,” she said.

In the last 24 hours, she’s observed at least a dozen birds drop dead in her yard. Becki worries the flock was poisoned, or worse, could be carrying a disease. She called on the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife to investigate.

Micah Holmes with the Department of Wildlife explains the sudden deaths of the birds could also be attributed to weather patterns or environmental stressors.

“When we see a dozen birds we may think it is a lot but keep in mind this may come from a flock of 10,000 or 20,000 birds,” said Holmes.

Either way, Becky will be on the lookout.

“Usually people worry about bird droppings right, but they don’t worry about dropping birds,” she said.

Norman Woman Finds At Least A Dozen Dead Birds In Yard.

Another 20 black birds were found Thursday afternoon within a square mile of Miller’s home. Now, typically these birds are protected from any type of extermination, but we found there’s currently an order allowing for these birds to be killed if they cause damage.

We checked with the Department of Agriculture and currently there are no permits on file to kill off any black birds. – News9.

Massive Die-Off Of Fish Along 1km Of River In Haikou, China

April 4, located in Haikou City, Hainan Province, the revitalization of U.S. homes South River Bridge at One large area of dead fish, the formation of banded, the river extends over one kilometer in length, and distribute stench.

Nearby residents suspected to be caused by water pollution. Haikou municipal environmental protection department sent to the scene, after a preliminary judgment as hypoxia, said the specific cause needs further investigation. – CBG.  [Translated].

Hundreds Of Thousands Of Bees Found Dead Near International Bridge On The Border Of Argentina And Uruguay
In the area of international bridge “General San Martín”, between the header and West National Gendarmerie,
a beekeeper discovered that hundreds of thousands of bees from their hives appeared
nearly a hundred dead without visible causes.

The bizarre episode was recorded a few days ago but yesterday was sampled by the Citizens Environmental Assembly and the Environmental Monitoring Plan of the Municipality, because there is a suspicion that the Botnia pulp mill UPM could be the cause of this mortality.

ARGENTINE attended the scene and spoke with the beekeeper Joseph Helf, owner of the apiary who said: “We ruled in principle that this death has occurred as a result of spraying in agriculture, since the fields are sprayed, but six or more kilometers radius of where the hives are located. “

It also showed that each hive has about 60,000 bees in that place and he has a hundred hives: “At least 30 have died percent of all bees. On the floor were mattresses and dead bees survived only you were inside the hive. “

What if part, Juan Veronesi, besides Assemblyman beekeeper, said “we suspect strongly the mill UPM Botnia, because we have ruled out the fumigation, since these bees are within four miles of fields that are he has poured pesticides. “

“We know that the mill constantly emits various gases to the atmosphere and so now we will conduct studies to determine the cause of this mortality reliable,” he said.

The assembly eleven years been denouncing the gas invade the pulp mill to all living things that are around the plant. “People and animals, plants and bees … well, the whole life cycle of the region is a victim of this pollution,” said Assemblyman Raul Almeida yesterday who was also in the area of ​​environmental disaster.

From the Environmental Monitoring Plan samples of dead bees as others that were discovered yesterday in moribund state were taken. “Now the analysis will determine what the causes. But spraying is not discarded but think the Botnia pulp mill, “he said Veronesi.

Date. On 2 April the deadline six months of negotiations that had Argentina and Uruguay to resolve the controversy over the new unilateral authorization of the neighboring country to increase the annual production of UPM pulp mill. The Uruguay River Statute establishes that period, once defeated, enables the parties to attend the International Court of Justice in The Hague. It is a mystery whether this will be the path or strategy to be adopted by the Argentina Chancellery. – Diario El Argentino. [Translated]

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