Man Brings Telescope to the Street and Invites People to Look at the Moon -Their Reactions Will ..

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Everyone has seen the moon before – but not many people have seen it the way that Wylie Overstreet has.

In an awe-inspiring video that was chosen as a "Staff Pick" on Vimeo back in March 2018, Overstreet takes his $1,000 telescope out onto the streets of Los Angeles.

When passerby inevitably become curious over his bulky metal instrument sitting on the sidewalk, he tells them it's a telescope and asks them if they would like to use it to see the moon.

With filmmaker Alex Gorosh on hand to record their reactions, dozens of people all take turns peering through the telescope to get a glimpse of the moon like they've never seen it before.

Some people were brought to tears; others simply gasped in surprise – but every single one of them was moved by the incredible view.

"It's incredible!" exclaimed one of the pedestrians. "I feel like I just landed on the moon!"

The video, which is appropriately overlapped with the soo
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