MailChimp bans holistic health expert for teaching truth about Covid-19

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News Story Source: by Ethan Huff
Linda Wilbert of put together a fact sheet about the Chinese Virus that she tried to send out via an email newsletter to her subscribers, only to have MailChimp interfere and block it.

Just like it did to GreenMedInfo, MailChimp read Wilbert's content and decided that it was "wrongspeak" because it contradicts what Anthony Fauci and other deep state operatives have declared to be "true" about the plandemic.

The first bullet point in Wilbert's "Important information about COVID" article reveals that doctors all across the country are being told to mark down any death from any cause as a Covid-19 death. She further provided a link to one example in Illinois.

Wilbert also points out that Dr. Deborah Birx, a supposed "expert" on the subject, admitted herself that all sorts of unrelated deaths are being tabulated as Covid-19 deaths, even if they were merely suspected of having the novel viru
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