Made-in-the-USA Food Crisis at Home and Worldwide

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Feature Article by Stephen Lendman
Made-in-the-USA Food Crisis at Home and Worldwide

by Stephen Lendman

Throughout US history, hunger risking famine never threatened the nation and its people.

Even during WW II rationing to provide for 12 million men and women in the US armed forces, the needs of civilians at home were well served.

Is that changing because of diabolical US policymaking?

Will a combination of soaring inflation, disrupted supply chains, growing economic weakness and depopulation aims put millions of US households and others abroad at risk of starvation?

Does a worldwide food crisis loom?

According to a Global Situation Report last October — long before Russia's SMO began in Ukraine — hunger and food insecurity have been increasing worldwide since 2014.

"Global hunger in 2020" exceeded its extent over the five previous years combined.

"Without urgent intervention (to address) global food insecurity," things w
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