Macron Sworn in as French President

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Opinion Column by Stephen Lendman
Macron Sworn in as French President

by Stephen Lendman

Far from a popular choice, his election was dubious, possibly rigged, discussed in a previous article – assuring continuity, not badly needed constructive change.

Falsely called fascist and other pejoratives, Western media savaged Le Pen. Her agenda explains why, wanting French sovereignty restored, ending control by Brussels, Berlin and Washington, including over its monetary and fiscal policy by exiting the euro straightjacket, the franc replacing it the way things used to be.

She opposes involvement in US-dominated NATO, supports improved relations with Russia – anathema notions to France's establishment and other Western governments.

She supports worker rights and women's rights. She opposes deplorable Hollande regime policies, ones Macron intends continuing, serving monied interests, opposing beneficial social change.

As Hollande's economy minister, he imposed neoliberal ha
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